Most of us want a beautiful space to come home to after a long day at work — one that is neat, clean, soothing, calming, and we can be proud of. DIY projects are part of being a homeowner. There’s usually always something that needs repaired, from the broken tile in the hallway where you dropped something heavy to a stump in the backyard that needs to be removed. When you need a drywall repair from the door knob that made a hole in your wall, it might be worth it to call in a professional drywall contractor. Diversified Construction Services in Loveland repairs, installs, and finishes drywall throughout Northern Colorado and the Front Range. Below, we’ll review the top reasons to hire a professional drywall contractor. Contact us today!


  • Quality work. To make a hole in your wall completely disappear and make it look as if it was never there, you’ll need a professional drywall contractor. If you try to throw some putty up on the wall, give it a quick once over, and call it good, that’s all it will be — good. It won’t melt into the wall seamlessly like you want it to. A professional drywall repair company offers up quality work every time, no matter if you’re replacing a whole wall or a small hole.
  • A team of specialists. If you’ve ever worked with drywall before, you’ll know drywall is not exactly the best shape to work with. It’s heavy, cumbersome, and is best handled by two or more people. With drywall specialists, you’re hiring precision and efficiency. From the correct measurements to the correct cutting with no waste, you’ll be sure to have a smooth, professional drywall finish every time.
  • Worry-free. With professional drywall contractors, you can relax knowing the job is taken care of. At Diversified Construction Services, our drywall installers have the right tools for those hard-to-reach places and the knowledge to make your drywall installation a work of art.

Done right, drywall projects provide more dramatic change than almost any other home remodeling task. Done wrong and you’ve got an unavoidable, expensive eyesore. Where many DIYers believe that drywalling is a labor-intensive, yet fairly easy task to complete, it does take an expert touch to create the flawless, seam-free look you hope for. Even the smallest drywall repair can be an obvious blemish if not done correctly.

Understanding the challenge that drywall projects present, our drywall techs have all been extensively trained in drywall hanging, taping and mudding techniques as well as quick and invisible repairs. With decades of experience, we’ve literally hung miles upon miles of drywall slabs, creating the look and functional use that both home and business owners require. From pin-hole-size caulking to building walls and barriers from the foundation up, we are your Top-Rated Local® home remodeling experts, specializing in drywall repair and installation.

Yes, we’ll repair holes created by door knobs. Yes, we’ll mend cracks and picture damage. Yes, we’ll replace drywall damaged by moisture and mold. And of course, we’ll add new drywall where needed, mudding, taping and texturing new walls, ensuring flawless finishes.

Find out more about how Diversified Construction can help you save time, effort and money by scheduling your free drywall project estimate today. We promise our very best workmanship or we’ll do it again, no questions asked.